Don’t Join In

Hosea 4:15-19 God is warning His people in the Southern Kingdom of Judah to stay away from the sinful practices of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. These practices include false worship, swearing false oaths, and other forms of spiritual adultery, for such actions will lead to divine judgment and retribution. Listen in and consider this… Continue reading Don’t Join In

Breaking Covenant

Hosea 4:1-14 Hosea warns the priests of the consequences of failing to lead the people in faithfulness, even as he warns of the judgment to come to all for their sin. Like people, like priest. Those who do not know God will not be known by God, such cries the prophet. Listen in today as… Continue reading Breaking Covenant

Interlude—Redeeming a Wife

Hosea 3 God will turn the hearts of his people back to him, even though they have broken trust and gone astray. Hosea is commanded to love his wife again, though she’s an adulteress, as a demonstration of God’s love for his people. Through this, God teaches his people that he will capture their hearts.… Continue reading Interlude—Redeeming a Wife

The Alluring Husband

Hosea 2:14-23 In our passage today, God promises to woo his people back to faithfulness through tender words of love, even though they have abandoned him and followed after false gods. He will restore the blessings he has taken away. He will forever bind his people to himself. Listen in today, as we consider God’s… Continue reading The Alluring Husband

Unfaithful Mother

Hosea 2:2-13 God calls the people of Israel to denounce their adulterous ways and confess their sins. He promises to remove his blessings and cast them out if they do not repent, using language of divorce and exile to illustrate the consequences of their unfaithfulness. Listen in as we continue our study in the book… Continue reading Unfaithful Mother