We invite you to join us at one of our services and connect with us as we worship our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ:

Worship Times

Upcoming services


We are still in the early days of our church, and so, we currently meet in one of our member’s homes. Please contact us for directions.

What to Expect

Sunday 10:30am

Our 10:30am Sunday service is our regular worship service.

We don’t have a dress code for our services. So, do not worry about what you should wear. If you just must have some idea, business casual is a safe choice or jeans and a dress shirt.

View a sample bulletin to get an idea of our format.

You can also listen to a recent sermon.

Sunday 6:00pm
Prayer Time

We take time each week to reflect upon a section of Scripture and let that inform our prayers, as we intercede for needs spiritual and physical.

Bible Studies
(Various Times)

Be sure you join us for one of our bible studies throughout the week. We open the Scriptures and study to learn about our God and who we are in relation to him. Contact us to find out what we’re currently studying and how you can grow deeper in your knowledge of the Scripture.

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